K-Electric 248MW KPC @ Ibrahim Hyderi:

Replacement of Air Intake House Roof Top with SS304 Plates for Gas Turbine # 4

Replacement of Air Intake House Fixed Frame with SS304 Frames for Gas Turbine # 4 Replacement of Air Intake House Fixed Frame with SS304 Frames for Gas Turbine # 3 Repair of HRSG 1 Expansion Bellows for Gas Turbine # 3 & Gas Turbine # 4 Repair of HRSG 1 Insulation & Cladding from Bottom
Repair / Replacement of Worn Parts of DN 1,200 Main Cooling Water Circuit Pipeline for Condenser Dismantling, Cleaning & Painting & Re-Installation of MCW Lines for Circuit # 1 Dismantling, Cleaning & Painting & Re-Installation of CCW Lines.
Project Duration: 06 Days
Winter Outage – 2019

English Biscuit Manufacture (PVT.) LTD:

Supply & Installation of Utilities Piping with Fittings & Valves

Compressed Air Circuit SS304:                    450M

Hot & Chilled Water Circuit SS316L            600M

Normal Water Circuit SS316L                       250M

Natural Gas Pipeline Infra-Structure        300M

Supply & Installation of Flow meters with data log system

Compressed Air (Thermal Mass)                               04 Nos

Natural Gas (Vortex Type)                           02 Nos

Supply & Installation of Skid based Booster Pumps with Auto Control System

Hot Water Circuit             01 No

Chill Water Circuit            01 No                   

Duration: 04 Month        2018-19

Line 8 Project

English Biscuit Manufacture (PVT.) LTD:

Supply & Installation of Steel Structure Frames with Platforms

02 x AHU,                                        10,000 KGS Each

01 x Cooling Tower,                       6,500 KGS Each

Project Duration: 02 Month        2018-19

Line 8 Project

Banu Mukhtar @ KIA Lucky Motors @ Port Qasim Karachi:

Fabrication & Erection of Steel Structure Roof Trusses along with secondary framing, Bracing beams, Sag rods, Roof sheeting and allied accessories.

Structure is designed to carry vehicles on conveyer, HVAC and MEP supported from Truss.

Truss span; 30 and 20 M, having self-weight of 5.3 MT and 3.2 MT respectively.

Total covered Area:                        56,700 Sq. M                      (610,373 Sq. ft.)

Total structural Weight:                 3,558 MTon                                       

Project Duration: 08 Month         2018-19

National Foods Limited @ Port Qasim:

RCC Foundations for Steel Structure Platform

Supply & Installation of 03 Level Steel Structure Platforms with Stairs & SS Railing

Construction of Blower Room (Masonry & Gypsum Wall)

Supply & Fixing of Aluminum Doors & Windows

Supply & Fixing of Industrial Floor Tiles. Painting of Walls & Roofs Installation of Machines, Cyclones, Blowers, Rotary Valves Chutes & Ducts

Project Duration:     45 Days

ZZ Classifier Project

National Foods Limited @ Nooriabad Plant:

Erection of Salt Plant Machinery Grinding Mills, Washer Classifier, Fluid Bed Dryer,

Hot Air System, Bucket Elevators, Screw Conveyors, Product Silos, MCC Panels,

Power & Control System, Utilities Piping.                                                                                             

Project Duration: 2018-19

Dawlance Private Limited:

Utilities Pipeline for WM Project

Cooling water piping 6″ x 1200 RFt

Compressed Air Piping 6″ x 4700 RFt                       

Project Duration: 2017-18

Feroze1888 (Pvt) Ltd @ S-81 Nothern Bypass:

Fabrication & Erection 2x10KL, 1x16KL, 1x25KL HFO & Diesel Storage Tanks

Tank Farm Piping (Supply + Decanting) Steam & Utilities Piping                                                  

Project Duration: 2017-18.

Dynea Pakistan Limited Gadoon Plant @ KPK:

2×125 KL Cap. SS304L Tanks for Formaldehyde Erection of Process Equipment

(Kettle + condenser) Steel Structure Building for Resin & Tail Gas Pipe Bridge 350 M, Elev. 5M

Process & Utilities Piping 4,500 Ø”.                          

Project Duration: 2017-18.

Feroze1888 (Pvt) Ltd @ S-81 Northern Bypass:

Installation of 02 x15 TPH @ 1.2 Mpa, Coil Fired Boilers Complete Steam & Water Piping

Local Parts, Ducts, Chimney FW Structure etc.                                                   

Project Duration: 2016-17.